Scary Stories App

Scary Stories is the best scary story reader apps. This app is created by creepypasta fans for creepypasta fans. You can read your favorite scary stories everywhere with your android. There are more than 1000 awesome horror and creepy stories inside. We will always update the story list (Auto Update)

★★★ Features ★★★
➠ More than 1000 scary stories
➠ 7 Category
➠ Scary Gallery (regularly updated)
➠ No Internet connection required

  • Tools: Java, Sqlite, XML, Volley, PHP, JSON
  • Link: Google Play

Latest Status 2018

Latest Status 2018 is the best status application for your social media. Latest Status 2018 contains the latest status message which can be used to express your feelings with the status message on your favorite social media like whatsapp or facebook.

Key Features: => More than 10000 high quality status message and 100 categories to post on your favorite social media.
⇨ App UI is very beautiful and simple to use.
⇨ App size is below 5mb.
⇨ 100% offline so you do not need aninternet connection to use this awesome app.
⇨ Share and copy feature so you can share can share your favorite status message to your whatsapp friend or facebook friend.

  • Tools: Android Studio, MVP Architecture, OrmLite, Retrofit, Butterknife
  • Link: Google Play

Mangaku App (Discontinued)

Mangaku is a manga reader app. I scrap the data from an Indonesian manga website . I create the crawler using Scrapy, it's a Python Scraping Framework. This app is discontinued because I don't maintain the database anymore. Nevertheless I think it's one of my most interesting projects. This app is working fine, you can try this app even though the data is not valid anymore.

  • Tools: Java, Sqlite, XML, Volley, PHP, JSON, Scrapy
  • Link: Download APK

5x5 (Pictologic Clone Android Game)

5x5 is a nanogram - picross type of puzzle. This game is based on popular puzzle game "Pictologic". To solve the puzzle in this game you must uncover the pictures based on numbers.

There are 2 game modes in 5x5, arcade and practice mode. If you want to learn how to play the game you can play practice mode and if you want to play the real game you can play arcade mode.

Bomberman (Multiplayer Game)

Bomberman Clone (Multiplayer Game) is a game based on popular game Bomberman. In this game, you can play with your friend using LAN and Wifi. In this game, you can beat your opponent by bombing your opponent until their HP is 0. You can upgrade your bomb power, size and your player speed by picking up upgrade. You can get upgrade by destroying question box with your bomb.

How to play:
1. Select host, then type your port and ip.
2. Your friend can join by selecting join and typing the same port and ip with the host.
Controls: Move -> Arrow keys, Bomb-> Space

  • Tools: Java, Libgdx Framework, Networking
  • Platform: PC with java
  • Link: Download APK

UMKM E-Commerce Website

UMKM E-Commerce Website is a typical E-Commerce Website. Built with PHP with MVC Architecture and MySQL as relational database management system (RDBMS), to calculate the shipping fee I used API from Rajaongkir. This website contains basic features from E-Commerce Website such as Bukalapak and Tokopedia.

  • Tools: PHP, MySQL, MVC Architecture, HTML, CSS, Rajaongkir API
  • Website Link: